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About THA


If you want world-class hunting potential, Trophy Hunters Alberta can provide the territories and, hopefully, the opportunities. Trophy Hunters Alberta is Alberta's most prominent Outfitter, with over 300 allocations, and leads the way in hunt variety, selection, timing and location. Of our 300 allocations, 28 are for elk, 75 are for moose, 130 are for whitetail and 158 are for mule deer. 101 of our big game allocations are for dedicated archery hunts. With this number of non-resident permits, we are able to provide the highest degree of flexibility in our hunt offerings compared to any other Outfitter in Alberta.

We pride ourselves in operating small, personalized camps. This allows us to tailor a hunt based on the specific needs of an individual booking party.

The Province of Alberta instituted an excellent 'Game Management Program' in the 1990's that resulted in big game hunting becoming strictly controlled through an 'allocation' system for non-residents of Alberta and a 'draw' system for Alberta residents in many designated areas.

As a result of this practice, Alberta is now producing record book trophy big game every year. There are record book mule deer, moose, whitetail and elk throughout Alberta. During a filmed hunt with our company, Dan Parrott, famous host of the TV program 'Outdoor Traditions', harvested a huge 378 6/8 SCI Western Canada moose with his muzzleloader. Brad Miller, along with guide Mark Parsons, harvested, what at that time was, a new SCI world record rifle shiras moose that scored 461 7/8 SCI and had a 61" spread. Alberta holds the world records for non-typical mule deer, archery elk, big horn sheep and shiras moose and has a dominating presence in both the Boone & Crockett, Pope & Young, SCI and Buckmasters record books.

The new millenium has produced consecutive successful big game hunting seasons, with THA hunters having harvested many fine animals, including a massive 350+ class archery elk, numerous excellent moose, a 195 class archery whitetail and some incredible mule deer over the years. On a six day hunt, a single group of four hunters harvested 4 whitetail (a 187, 178, 160 and a 5x5) and 3 mule deer (including a 175 class) all on a foothills whitetail/mule deer combination rifle hunt.

Over the past 10 years, we have harvested some serious Boone & Crockett (B&C) and Pope & Young (P&Y) book animals. In 2001, our hunters harvested 6 book animals. In 2002, we had record warm temperatures and still managed to harvest 2 more book animals. In 2003, we harvested 4 book animals and had our best mule deer results to date. The 2004 and 2005 seasons have each produced 4 more record book results by THA hunters. In 2006, THA hunters harvested another 4 book animals. In 2007 and 2008, we produced 7 book animals. In 2009, we harvested another 4 book animals.

On an early season archery deer combo hunt in 2003, a single hunter harvested both a 185 class mule deer and a 165 class whitetail. Our 3 archery elk hunters were all successful and each harvested a fine elk. Our 28 rifle mule deer hunters harvested 28 fine mule deer including muleys in the 180+ and 190+ class ranges. In 2004, our 38 rifle mule deer hunters averaged 160 class for the second year in a row! Again our rifle mule deer hunters achieved a 100% success, with some hunters reporting seeing in excess of 500 mule deer, including solid numbers of trophy bucks, during their respective 4 or 6 day hunts.

Our 2005 rifle mule deer season again produced 100% opportunity with evidence of even more, larger bucks, including several 185+ monsters.

Our 2006 rifle mule deer season also produced 100% harvest, while our archery mule deer hunters had a 75% harvest with many opportunities for all bow hunters. In 2006, THA won the coverted APOS Award for the 'Largest Mule Deer - Archery on an Outfitted Hunt' among all 450 Alberta outfitters. This award is in addition to our previous recent APOS awards for: 'Largest Whitetail - Archery on an Outfitted Hunt' (2 time winner) and 'Largest Moose - Archery on an Outfitted Hunt'. Every year, THA hunters continue to harvest numerous 'book' animals.

In 2007, Tim Wells, TV Host, Video Producer and Author returned for his 9th straight archery hunt and harvested his 11th P&Y trophy with THA. Tim harvested his biggest mule deer yet, a 190+ monster that net scored 184 2/8 and won for THA the aforementioned prestigious honor of 'Largest Mule Deer, Archery' on an outfitted hunt. Tim described his experience with THA: 'THA is without a doubt the best outfitter I have ever encountered. I have hunted all over the world and THA is the only outfitter that I continually return to.'

Our 2008 season was a solid year across all four big game that we offer: Mule Deer, Moose, Whitetail. We continued with the 100% opportunity for each of our premium Mule Deer hunts. We also harvested a 340 Class Elk along with a beautiful 51 inch Moose.

In 2009, Tim Wells, harvested a beautiful 315 Elk. This won the 'Largest Elk - Archery on an Outfitted Hunt'. We also were successful in several Moose and yet another stellar year for Mule Deer.

Other recent highlights include a 205 5/8 non-typical archery whitetail from the Calgary Bow Zone, a 'cranker' 340+ P&Y 6x6 elk, a 189+ whitetail, a 204 point mule deer and many 180+ mule deer. One of our guides currently holds the Alberta Mule Deer archery record with an early season 224 class mule deer.

In summary, we all want to harvest a 'book' animal, however, in the sport of hunting, this just doesn't happen very often. Booking your next hunt with a quality outfitter such as Trophy Hunters Alberta, however, certainly improves your odds.

Our mandate is to make every effort to ensure that our hunters have an enjoyable trip and a memorable hunting experience, while at the same time hopefully providing an opportunity to 'bag the big one'.

We want you to harvest that big animal as much as you do, and booking your next hunt with a quality outfitter such as Trophy Hunters Alberta certainly improves your odds.

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