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Gun Control

All firearms coming into Canada must be declared and registered at the point of entry into Canada. This is a very simple routine that requires the gun owner to sign a form in front of the customs inspector and to pay a registration fee of $50Cdn.

In fact, this procedure is simply a small tax imposed on visitors to Canada by the Canadian government. We don't like it any more than you do, however, we must all conform and we thank you for your kind understanding. Trophy Hunters Alberta assists all of its visiting hunters with this minor administrative task prior to their departure from their home.

We have not experienced any undue delays with our incoming hunters since implementation of this program and, in fact, have been commended by numerous inspectors for having the foresight to assist all of our hunters in completing their paperwork prior to arrival in Canada.

If you have any questions regarding the Canadian Gun Control program, please visit the Canadian Firearm Centre by clicking here.